Rock Bottom…

Isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing! However, people pleasing is! You are not living your life if you are constantly worried about what someone has to say about you and your doings! Plus, that is stressful. *This is coming from a former people pleaser.* In my late teens, I had a mugshot plastered all over the… Continue reading Rock Bottom…

No is not final

PERIOD! I am kicking down the no doors. One thing about me is no is not final. I will find another way. I will keep going until I get what I want. Sis, were you recently told no? Did you tell yourself no? DO NOT give up! Find a way! *How can I help you?*… Continue reading No is not final

Are YOU Tamed?

Finding Your Truth! Last week, I started reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle. The first few pages were amazing. I had to stop and share this with you, Sis. I think of the ways I’ve been tamed. It started with my biological mother’s parenting style. She was a mother of 4 at 21 years old. Owwweeee… Continue reading Are YOU Tamed?

A Decade of Blessings

Bye 20s Y’all, tomorrow, I will be 30. I can already feel the tears. I am entering a new decccccade. LET’S GOOOO! I remember crying the day before I turned 20. So, let’s keep the tradition alive. God, you didn’t have to, oh, but you did!! My life is differently than I expected. I started… Continue reading A Decade of Blessings

Resting B*tch Face

Let me live! All my life someone somewhere would tell me to “smile” or “you seem angry.” I spent years trying to correct my face. To be liked. To come across nice. To look approachable. That was a complete waste of my time. If I want to have a resting b*tch face that’s my business.… Continue reading Resting B*tch Face

A Mustard Seed

Faith On Sunday, I gave the sermon at Ainsworth United Church of Christ. The night before I couldn’t sleep. The morning of I couldn’t eat and my stomach was doing gymnastics. This isn’t an unusual feeling when I am giving a sermon. I have a completely different experience when I am speaking at a women’s/girls’… Continue reading A Mustard Seed


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