This is For Them Thirty Somethings

Schoolin’ Life...

I am feeling this 30s lifestyle! God brought me a mighty long way and I am thankful.

Here’s to 30 goals for the decade I am entering!

  1. Write a children’s series book
  2. Attend Myleik’s women’s retreat
  3. Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro and go to Kenya (M)
  4. Take a cooking class (M)
  5. Dance my life away at Coachella (M)
  6. Speak at the Essence Festival (M)
  7. Pay off ALL debt (M)
  8. Purchase a house for myself (M)
  9. Purchase multiple properties and rent them out and have a successful planning and development firm
  10. Read a book a month
  11. Travel to Turkey
  12. Take a solo trip out of the country
  13. Expand my family (marriage and twins – speaking those twins into existence)
  14. Start those babies’ college funds – no, they do not have to go to college. It would be ideal for this mama to have some money in the bank for them.
  15. Invest in stocks
  16. Retire by 50
  17. Oprah interviews me. This has been a dream of mine since I was 18. I wrote a letter as a college student and she responded.
  18. Unapologetically Thrive is a thriving business and I am speaking around the world
  19. Consistently workout for three times a week. I cannot wait to return to OrangeTheory Fitness.
  20. Give NY another try. Hahaaaa!
  21. Run multiple 5Ks
  22. Learn a new language
  23. Finish the Bible from beginning to end
  24. Write my goals and dreams down
  25. Start a morning routine
  26. Skydiving
  27. Learn how to swim! (I have a real fear and need to get over it! I have tried multiple times. *whispers* Don’t give up, Janny). I should add get over my fear of cats. But I don’t know about that…
  28. Take a hip hop dance class.
  29. Rent out a villa for my frans and me
  30. Live in Atlanta.

The goals with (M) are inspired by cousin Melissa, who recently lost her battle to cancer! She was such an inspiration. Melissa, you will forever live!

I am excited to cross off my list and live more intentionally! What intentions are you setting for your life?

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5 thoughts on “This is For Them Thirty Somethings”

  1. What an awesome list! You’ve inspired me to write down a list of 30 goals for my 30’s as well! Cheers to a new decade!


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