Resting B*tch Face

Let me live!

All my life someone somewhere would tell me to “smile” or “you seem angry.”

I spent years trying to correct my face. To be liked. To come across nice. To look approachable.

That was a complete waste of my time. If I want to have a resting b*tch face that’s my business.

We need to STOP telling women how to be. 

We don’t have to smile to make you feel comfortable. 

We don’t have to wear makeup to be beautiful.

We don’t have to have children or marriage to be valuable. That rich auntie and/or single vibe is good enough. 

We can be sassy and bossy. We getting the job done, correct?

Sis, am I missing anything?

Bottom line stop telling us what to do. Go tell your Mama what to do. 

**Yea, I didn’t think so. Yo mama ain’t playing that. And me neither.**

**This applies to women too. Stop being hard on your sisters!**


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