Get Uncomfortable Part 4

Date Yourself!!!

Live your days knowing and loving thyself. What better way to do that than to date yourself. I have a little story to tell you.

8th grade summer, my “best friend” and I stopped being friends. She kicked me to the curb. FRFR! At that time, she was my longest friend and helped me through some difficult times. Any who, she decided to move on… And I needed to readjust to life without her.

A mentor advised me to “go be your own bestfriend. Go shopping, to the movies, and out to eat by yourself. You do not need anyone to do those activities with you.”

Ya’ll, I looked at my mentor like she was BooBoo The Fool. I objected and told her, “I cannot do that.”

Traveling to Cancun alone to meet 30 strangers for a Black girls trip! 7/2029

Long story short, I started dating myself. I would take myself to dinner, the mall, park, and on trips to name a few activities. It was an absolutely amazing idea and the reason I was able to go to away for undergrad, move across the country, and travel alone. I was built for this! And so were you!

Here are some benefits to dating thyself:

  • You have an opportunity to learn who you are, what you value, and enjoy doing.
  • You get clear on your why.
  • You have a chance to dream big.
  • Most importantly, you develop a relationship with your inner voice without influence from others. This is important because most likely you were taught to care about what other people thought. And you know you really shouldn’t, so don’t! You have to live your life! Soooo live it up, Sis.

Have you ever gone on a solo dolo date? If yes, where did you go? How was it?

If no, would you ever try it? What is holding you back from thriving, Sis? Remember, Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway!

Do your solo thang!


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