Get Uncomfortable Part 3

Try New Things!

Hey hey hey, Sis! How are you?

Welcome to part 3 of the Get Uncomfortable series. The purpose of the series is to become comfortable being uncomfortable and to truly learn how to show up for YOUrself!

When was the last time you tried something new?

Trying something new brings a lot of feelings: anxiety, excitement, and nervousness to name a few possible emotions. And you feel like a baddie boss once you’ve completed the task. Also, it allows you to expand your horizons, grow, and discover new passions. Sis, let’s try something new.

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Fear shouldn’t stop us from living our *best* lives.

I will never forget my first solo trip from 2019. I traveled to Atlanta for Myleik’s live podcast show. I was stretched, a little concerned, and overall, I had a phenomenal time! It was worth it! I cannot wait for my next solo trip!

Have you tried something new lately? If does not have to be zip lining or starting a new business. Let’s start with something “small.” How about trying:

  • A new food – Wanna know what made me stop eating Costco’s samples? As a child, I went to a stand and the server told me she was serving chicken. Instead, I tried some under fried gushy squid. That person played me and I stopped trying their samples. I gave squid another try and oh my, yuuuummy!
  • Hot yoga – I tried this and enjoyed it immensely. Please drink lots and lots of water 24 hours prior to your session and some leading up to it.
  • An outdoor activity – hiking, tennis, walking in a new neighborhood, laying out at a park, or whatever excites you.
  • Karaoke – yeah, I gave this a try. OWWEEEE! I tried to sing Beyonce’s Singles Ladies.

Now, that we have listed a few ideas, what new activity are you going to try?

Feel the fear and do it anyway!


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